Sunday, May 7, 2017

Every small business has its own personality

Do you have a USA business and need huge savings with no upfront costs?

We help a business grow in 6 ways.

These are the questions that we need answered to provide you with a summary of your savings (we can assist even if you only qualify for one area):

Do you own any commercial property?

Total Purchase/Construction Cost

Total Renovation Cost

Are your property taxes $30,000 or more

If so, annual real and property taxes combined.

How many new employees ( including replacements ) do you hire per year

Do you take Credit Cards? (no need to switch providers)

Is your waste or recycling over $300 per month? How much?

Is your workers comp premium over $40K per year?

We have a proven 30-year track record of helping Fortune 500+ Global Companies, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses reduce costs, improve their bottom line, and become more effective by offering a No Fee Cost Reduction Analysis. Clients include Bank of America, Sprint, ExonMobil, Volkswagon and many others. Average savings for clients is $500,000 - $1.2 million or 28% on annual costs, with no upfront fees.

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PS: We are looking for additional advisors in the USA.  Tap Here Now  No experience needed, we provide complete training. Telecommuting fine.

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