Friday, January 19, 2018

How Long Does A Cost Segregation Study Take

The most important answer to this question is:    We can accommodate most clients tax deadlines.   An integral part of performing a Cost Segregation Study is having the project team work with the clients Tax Professional to understand what deadlines the client may have.

Another key factor is responsiveness from the client or the contact they provide us.  Although we pride ourselves in streamlining the process and taking the burden off of the client, we will throughout the process have questions for the client.  Their responsiveness can greatly effect the timeline on a Cost Segregation, although we typically find most clients to be very responsive in this area.   

The short answer to this question is:  We can typically complete a Cost Segregation Study in approximately 4 weeks, but this can be adjusted depending on the clients tax deadlines and responsiveness.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Facts About Work Comp Audits

1. 72% of businesses are being overcharged thru errors.

2. Wrong classifications cause overcharges. Example: John is a consrtruction laborer, but maybe he works in the capacity of a manager 40% of the time (less dangerous).

3. Many audits can be disruptive. We are not.

4. Some firms require that you change prividers. We not.

5. Every savings going forward counts.

6. Other firms require upfront fees. We do not. We use our time and money.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Upcoming Tax Law Changes DO Affect you, but how?

Know This About The New Tax Law:

*Most significant reform to U.S. tax code since 1986

*Changes have been made to both individual & corporate tax rates

*The state & local tax deduction now has a cap

*Fewer people will be affected by AMT

*The corporate tax rate is being reduced

*Pass-through entities will get a break

....but WOTC for businesses is still available where you can receive a tax credit of $2400 - $9600 per employee hired with 90% of the work done for you with automated software.

The benifits of our WOTC services:

*Screen Before Hiring

*Real Time Reporting On Applicants

*No Deep Dive To Try Us, Only Month-To-Month, No Contract

*It Does 90% Of The Work

*Start Today in Minutes


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Is WOTC Available In Spanish?

Yes, the candidate survey is available in both English and Spanish, in fact all of the email templates and communication are available in both languages as well. 

$2400-$9600 Tax Incentive for Any Employer Hiring 1 or More Employees Per Year

With our proprietary software, the last setting on your page allows you to enable Multilingual Support.
By default this setting is off.
Once enabled, you will be able to select if new Candidates or Employees prefer English or Spanish. 
Survey request emails, as well as reminders will all be sent in the Candidate or Employees preferred language, as well as the survey questions themselves.
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Credit Card Audits

The Problem

The payment industry, and in particular, credit card processing, is complex. Merchants are faced with confusing statements, hundreds of various payment processing fees - including costly layers of discount rates, transaction
fees and surcharges - in addition to the numerous processing options offered by merchant service providers, payment gateways, and other payment processing entities. Without an unbiased insight, a merchant can easily fall trap to unfair pricing and pay large fees to accept credit card payments.

Who Should A Merchant Trust?

When evaluating merchant processing services, a merchant understands their own business requirements for card acceptance, but often have to rely on a sales representative selling merchant services to provide honest information on merchant service plan types and pricing options. Competition for your business is fierce and most sales representatives are paid on commission for the fees generated by your processing. This has led to deceptive sales tactics in an industry known for its complexity and negative image.

Merchants asked to reveal their processing rate often tell us about their ‘qualified’ rate or an effective rate not inclusive of all provider fees. This misunderstanding is far too common for an expense that has significant impact on the operating margin of a business. The payment industry is complex. We can help.

Expense Reduction Solution

The Stryde two-phase approach to expense reduction is unparalleled in the payment industry. We correct the processing plan to reflect the most competitive plan type and rate, using formulated, specific asks of the existing provider. Our team then works with the client to further reduce the non-negotiable fees through processing optimization – where we help qualify payment transactions at lower interchange rates by passing through additional processing data.

Phase I We ‘right-size’ the account plan, placing the merchant on the correct plan type with the most competitive plan rate. Savings are immediately realized moving forward.

Phase II We implement ‘processing optimization’ where we help the merchant correct future transactions to avoid downgrades and satisfy Level 2/3 processing requirements.

Stryde has tools to audit and analyze credit card processing, and we are uniquely positioned to secure the lowest possible card processing rate, ensure accurate billing, and help merchants reduce their overall payment processing expenses.

Stryde is ready to make a difference to your bottom line by delivering maximum transparency and
measurable results. Our experience and expertise in the payments industry, along with our proprietary auditing tools, will deliver unparalleled expense reduction results.

Larry Potter 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Merchants Can Realize an Average Savings of 21% on Processing Fees

Payment Processing Expense Reduction Notes:
  • Continue using your existing merchant service provider
  • We work directly with the provider, on your behalf
  • Our two phase approach maximizes savings opportunity:
  • Phase I – we ‘right-size’ the account plan, placing the merchant on the correct plan type with the most competitive plan rate. Savings are immediately realized moving forward.
  • Phase II – we implement ‘processing optimization’ where we help the merchant correct future transactions to avoid downgrades and satisfy Level 2/3 processing requirements.
  • Our network of merchant services providers is immediately available should a merchant choose to obtain or switch processing services
  • We are a Partner Provider for the two largest payment gateways, and PayPal, offering wholesale pricing to merchants
  • Our team has the experience and expertise to recommend payment processing improvements, including:
  • Back-office accounting integration
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Card Present terminal and POS equipment
  • Payment gateway configuration and support
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Average Recovery for a Work Comp Audit

The average total recovery is 10-15% of a company's one year average annual premium. For example, if a company has been paying on an average $100,000 per year in workers' comp premiums, the average total recovery would be $10,000-$15,000.
We are are not trying to sell insurance. You keep your relationship with your current carrier. This is simply an audit review that will either lead to some sort of recovery of funds for errors that were found OR you receive a free audit to know that everything has been done correctly. 
How far back will a review go?
An overpayment can go back 5-7 years, however depending on the class codes and some restrictions some recoveries will only go back 3 years. 
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